Aftercare Program FAQs

Aftercare Program FAQs

Do you take insurance?
No. Because we are a nonprofit organization and not a government or state agency, we cannot accept any private insurance or Medicaid.

Is this a 12-step program?
No. However, our topics, tools, and services match up to the 12-steps and our program follows a similar order. We feel our program goes much deeper emotionally, relationally, and spiritually than a typical 12-step experience.

Do I have to sign up for all 50 topics?
No. At orientation, we’ll review the entire curriculum and you’ll choose what best suits you on your journey. If there’s a session you feel like you’ve mastered or covered elsewhere, feel free to skip it. We want our sessions to be as productive as possible for you.

Does this program include an assessment?
Yes, a very informal and brief assessment, which takes place as part of your first counseling session. We use it to measure your progress in various ways.

How long does the counseling last?
Our lay counseling and coaching is available to you throughout the program. If you wish to continue counseling afterward, our counselors will still be available to you.

Do I have to use a Mission Addiction counselor if I already have one that I like?
No. We understand how important the right counselor can be and will discuss that briefly at orientation. If you already have a good relationship with someone, that’s great!

Can my loved ones join me for any part of this program?
Yes! That’s the idea; in fact, bring them to orientation if possible! They can participate in as many topics as you want. They can also take advantage of our counseling and other services separately, or together with you.

Do I have to go to the weekly support group meeting on Tuesday nights?
No. However, it is another great way to be connected and work on your recovery daily. Come to our weekly Lighthouse Support Meeting.

For other questions and to register, contact Edward Livesay at (937) 490-9605 or